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There is an alarming increase in Crime Rate in India, and Crime rate of the Commercial Capital Mumbai also add alarming numbers to the Crime Graph as a whole. Almost all Indians in some or other ways are involved or affected by these crime incidents. It has been exposed by current study that India is on its unsafe track to hold on to position one in the list of offense affected countries in the globe. And Forensic Science plays a crucial role in curbing or exposing these crimes. Forensic science is the application of science for criminal and civil laws, as governed by the legal standards of admissible evidence and criminal procedure. Forensic Expert is a professional with required forensic education and experience, who give expert opinion based on scientific facts and simultaneously testifies the same in the Court. Forensic Experts work for courts, law enforcement agencies, police, leading law firms, lawyers, companies, attorneys in civil cases & criminal cases. Numerous of them work for insurance agencies, banks for signature verification, handwriting analysis, cheque forgery, fraud, actual claim verifications etc. Increasing crime has made Individual security for public mandatory, which is accomplished by seeking assistance of Law enforcement Agencies who in turn are assisted by investigative agencies and Forensic Experts. It is no surprise that India's commercial capital Mumbai has also been a prime place for occurrence of indigenous crimes. The town has seen emergence of large number of Forensic Expert agencies who are offering their services in identifying crucial evidences to resolve crime cases. Forensic expert in Mumbai is providing their expertise to solve cases of different types like corporate matters, labor cases, cyber crime, civil, criminal and many more. In other words it may be said that our community is assisted by Learned Forensic experts in Mumbai n law related matters You can move toward a Forensic expert In Mumbai to get services relate to all sorts of investigation. It might be individual investigation, industry investigation and forensic research. The services covered under entity investigation involve Civil Investigation, Corporate Investigations, Fire and Arson Investigation, Forensics for Law Firms, civil or crime cases and family court case etc. By means of the modern technical services the Forensic expert pays a keen observation on the topic by carefully undertaking each and all steps in the investigation leaving no clue. These Forensic experts employ advanced technological measures and Forensic lab in India with modern technology to gather the essential information related to a case.