Audio Video Forensic @ Square

Unlike other forms of forensic evidences audio and video recordings can provide real time eyewitness account of a crime so that investigators can watch or hear what is transpired. Our Audio/Video Forensic Services include

Enhancement of Audio/Video Recordings

Important evidence is contained on audio recordings that are of marginal quality or words. Square experts perform forensic enhancement which may increase the volume of faint or quiet voices, Remove or enhance background voices to make them more audible, Reduce or remove tape noise, Noise reduction, Decrease or remove the echo, Correct tape speed problems etc. Square Forensic Experts enhance and clarify video recordings in order to fairly present evidence that was difficult to determine in the raw footage.

Fig: Enhancement and stabilization of Video Recording

Authenticity analysis of Audio/Video Recordings

When the authenticity or integrity of a forensic audio/ video recording is in question, square forensic experts conduct detailed forensic analysis to determine if material has been deleted, added, altered or changed in audio analog or audio digital recordings.

Fig: Authenticity analysis of Audio Recordings

Forensic Image Analysis

Identification and comparison of objects depicted, including suspect faces, clothing, vehicle descriptions, license plates, etc. Frequently, forensic image analysis is used to stabilize, identify or compare suspects captured on video, usually in the process of committing a crime or in the background of a video or surveillance image.

Forensic Image Authenticity Analysis

When the authenticity or integrity of a forensic image (photograph or video) is in question, Square Digital Experts conduct detailed forensic analysis to determine if material has been deleted, added, altered, morphed or changed in the image.

Fig: Image Authentication

Forensic Transcription

A forensic transcript is a verbatim prepared from an audio/video recording which constitutes record of word and sound contained on the recording. Square Digital Experts determine the words spoken on an audio/video recording and prepare a written script for the purpose of evidence.

Demonstrative Evidence and Expert testimony

Square Advisors provides professional quality exhibits and demonstrative evidence for court proceedings .Our experts introduce aspects of recorded evidence into civil or criminal proceedings