Business Forensic @ Square

Why Business Forensics?

Square Business Forensic team provides unique approaches to complex business disputes and investigative matters.


When companies are faced with undertaking an investigation or a data discovery order, it is important that an urgent and ordered approach is taken. This is where our experienced forensic technology team can help. We can assist with extracting useful information, confidential data, and maintaining its evidentiary value to ensure it is acceptable for admission in court. Our team has extensive experience both in law enforcement and the private sector.


Our team of technologists works with various business professionals to provide unique approaches to complex business matters. Bringing together advanced investigative techniques, we can identify, seize and analyze information and compile it for evidence purposes.

Implementing Business Forensics will help you to get in control and thus save fraud cost and minimize risk. It does not change your operations, does not require extensive programming, and allows you to comply swiftly. Because Business Forensics is an integrated environment your team will be much more productive and you will be able to respond to any situation in real-time.



Square Business Forensics is used for:
• First party fraud
• Insider fraud
• Application fraud
• Mortgage and credit fraud
• Property Fraud
• Claims fraud
• Organized crime and fraud rings
• Process adherence for Internal Audit


Square Bank, Insurance and FI Fraud Solutions

Square Advisors provide comprehensive banking solutions, Insurance fraud prevention solutions that will discover all possible facts, using the latest technology to support our evidence gathering techniques.

  1. Forensic Signature and Handwriting Verification
  2. Identification of the author of anonymous emails
  3. Forensic Fingerprint Verification
  4. Database Management and verification of fingerprint based biometric solution for bank account holders, insurance holders and other beneficiaries
  5. Signature Verification tool for signature check
  6. Training for Bank, Insurance Cell and other officials
  7. Claim Investigation Services
    • Insurance Claims, Burglaries, fires
    • Motor vehicle claims (theft/accidents)
  8. Brief Of Evidence preparation










The forensic expert opinion submitted by Square is admitted across all honorable courts of India