Forensic Fingerprint Experts

Fingerprints and their individual identity are one of the most important pieces of evidence that can be presented in prosecution of any fraud/crime. Accuracy of Fingerprinting in an individual's identity cannot be disputed. Square Advisors has range of fingerprint services both for legal and non-legal purposes

• Non-legal Fingerprint Services
Digital and Manual fingerprinting non-criminal and non-legal purposes

  1. All types of fingerprint for visa and immigration purpose
    • Fingerprinting on FD-258 for Visa and other purpose
    • FBI Police Clearance certificate
    • FBI criminal Background Check.
    • Fingerprinting and Police Clearance Certificate for Canada from Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  2. Database management for banks, insurance and other corporate sector
  3. De-duplication of fingerprint based biometric data
Fig: Fingerprinting for Visa & Database Management

• Legal Fingerprint Services
Identify chance and latent fingerprints, lifting, development and preservation of fingerprints, Fingerprints comparison, Fingerprint Crime Scene Investigation

Fig: Fingerprint Development Fig: Fingerprint Comparison

How Forensic Fingerprint Experts Contribute in Criminal Investigation?

Fingerprint is considered to be a crucial piece of evidence similar to DNA typing. It is very much helpful in all sorts of investigations along with criminal cases. As a result, criminal lawyers take time in challenging the usage an introduction of such exclusive evidence. No Two Human Beings – Hold Same Fingerprint Forensic fingerprint experts in Mumbai state that no two human beings have the same fingerprint. This is the reason due to which fingerprint is treated as highly reliable evidence and is accessible to judges. The finger of each and every individual comprises of a contour map of unique ridges and whorls. Generally in a criminal case, fingerprint is employed as the best method of identifying culprit. Fingerprint is unique and permanent from birth until death. The patterns of the fingerprint are extensively modified but the quantity, characteristics, and position of the ridges remained unchanged. Fingerprints are only destroyed after decomposition of a dead person. Forensic experts use this information (quantity, characteristic, and position of the ridges of the fingers) to determine a person’s identity.


Law enforcement officers take fingerprints into usage for identifying defendants. They compare prints that already exist into the police files and the one found at the scene of any crime. Matching of Several Points Police records include fingerprints of several persons that include various types of persons. They can be easily recorded as soon as the person is arrested or at the time of taking up sensitive job assignment. The assignment of fingerprint matching comprises the action of matching several points that are very much common between the two sets of prints. Forensic fingerprint Experts in Mumbai comprise of disagreement over minimum number of points required for matching to declare a perfect match. Items Taken into Usage to Make Forensic Fingerprint Clearly Visible Some opine the fact that at most five points are enough for declaring a match while others may insist matching of eight points. Finding quality fingerprints at the scene of crime is the challenge faced by a fingerprint expert in India. The presence of several sweat ores in friction ridges in hands leads towards mixing of sweat with dirt and natural body oils. They lead towards unclear fingerprints on even surfaces. Crime investigators take into usage the following to make a forensic fingerprint clearly visible:

The quality and smoothness of the surface on which the fingerprint is lifted define the clarity of fingerprints taken. Experts take new and advanced computer based enhancement techniques for development of full pattern fingerprints. Building a Bright Career in Fingerprint With the help of latest technology like laser, fingerprint experts are easily able to recover identifiable fingerprints from maximum surfaces. If you are a big fan of crime films and television programs then you must be familiar with the way forensic components contribute in solving crimes. Being the holder of basic knowledge, you may take interest in this field. Building a career in fingerprint specialist may prove to be a worth choice. All you need is to know what is entailed by such a career.