Forensic Fingerprint Experts

Fingerprints and their individual identity are one of the most important pieces of evidence that can be presented in prosecution of any fraud/crime. Accuracy of Fingerprinting in an individual's identity cannot be disputed. Square Advisors has range of fingerprint services both for legal and non-legal purposes

• Non-legal Fingerprint Services
Digital and Manual fingerprinting non-criminal and non-legal purposes

  1. All types of fingerprint for visa and immigration purpose
    • Fingerprinting on FD-258 for Visa and other purpose
    • FBI Police Clearance certificate
    • FBI criminal Background Check.
    • Fingerprinting and Police Clearance Certificate for Canada from Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)
  2. Database management for banks, insurance and other corporate sector
  3. De-duplication of fingerprint based biometric data
Fig: Fingerprinting for Visa & Database Management

• Legal Fingerprint Services
Identify chance and latent fingerprints, lifting, development and preservation of fingerprints, Fingerprints comparison, Fingerprint Crime Scene Investigation

Fig: Fingerprint Development Fig: Fingerprint Comparison