Forensic Handwriting Expert

In an age of electronic communication, paper documents and signatures handwritten with ink are still the way most business is transacted. Civil and criminal legal cases, domestic and business disputes and other controversies hinge on alleged irregularities in checks, wills, contracts, insurance policies, deeds, and other questioned documents. This is the realm of the Forensic Questioned Document Examination. We have Forensic Handwriting Expert having 12yrs of experience.

• Handwriting analysis and Signature verification of the disputed handwriting, and/or signatures to determine forgery/fraud 

• Sequence of strokes in a handwritten or typewritten matter
• Analysis of document generated from typewriters, laser printers, inkjet printers and photocopiers

• Identify different types of paper, ink, water-marks, copy machines, printer cartridges etc.

Email Authorship

Many criminals exploit the convenience of anonymity in the cyber world to conduct illegal activities. E-mail is the most commonly used medium for such activities. Extracting knowledge and information from e-mail text has become an important step for cybercrime investigation and evidence collection.

Authorship Analysis techniques, for identifying the true author of disputed anonymous online messages to prosecute cybercriminals in the court of law, has received some attention in recent cyber forensic investigation cases.

Forensic stylometric authorship analysis can determine whether two samples of email text were written by the same author or not.

An author’s word choice, word frequency, sentence length, punctuation, etc. tends to be somewhat distinct and consistent. A variety of statistical measurements can be extracted from a written body of work of unknown or disputed authorship. Likely authorship is determined by comparing these patterns against attributed writings.

For the first time in the country Square Experts brought in the use of Forensic Stylometry which is a powerful tool for investigation.


The Role of the Forensic Handwriting Experts Services in Resolving Fraud and Internal Cases

In the case of analyzing some situation or documents closely, the need for the forensic test or handwriting experts becomes significant to analysis effectively. All these reputed authorized Forensic Handwriting Expert works across the different part of the world in order to serve the immense services to their seeking clients. There is demand for these expert services in the present era due to the technology the society is emerging drastically well, but there are numerous business sectors that still involves in the handwriting signature process. In such cases if any crime occurs or if any sort of evidence that includes the handwritten note, investigation then hiring the forensic services becomes necessary. They are the specialist who can resolve you issues very accurately. Many people seek for such services in order get the accurate result in the scientific examination of questioned documents. There are numerous Forensic Handwriting experts in Mumbai are serving immense services across the city and they are well known for their effective services. This specialist has years of experience in identifying and examine the questioned documents perfectly. With the help of the advanced latest technology, they easily examine all the aspect of the suspect incident or documents and try to reach its root for the best accurate result. Availing the young and experienced crew members will always be helpful for both the parties because they are keen to solve the issue with minimal time. Some of the professional leading Handwriting expert in India are really proud to offer their immense comprehensive services to satisfy the best results to the clients. Their major services include such as forensic handwriting analysis, documents and signature check to the private or public clients. The professional crew experts compare all the aspects very effectively and they compare the handwriting, signatures, numerals, initials and hand printing precisely to get the desired result. Many times some of the significant document alterations, such as dates and amounts, indentations and ink testing may also be used as methods of analysis. The term ‘document' can lead to all sort of articles such as payment notes, will, fake cheques, or illegal business contracts, agreements etc. When the client finds any questioned article then can put Forensic expert keyword for interlinking all these documents to get the desired accurate result. They just compare the author of the desired document and the unknown author of the documents and they also use all the positive ways to find out the result effectively. They focus on the various types of cases as per the client’s demand and requirement.   Some of the major benefits include like:

All these benefits really attract the customers to avail their services in such emergency situation that allows them to catch the culprit on time and based on the actual evidence.