Forensic Service@ Square

Handwriting / Signature / Document Analysis / Email Authorship @ Square

In an age of electronic communication, paper documents and signatures handwritten with ink are still the way most business is transacted. Civil and criminal legal cases, domestic and business disputes and other controversies hinge on alleged irregularities in checks, wills, contracts, insurance policies, deeds, and other questioned documents. This is the realm of the Forensic Questioned Document Examination...more

Fingerprint Examination @ Square

Fingerprints and their individual identity are one of the most important pieces of evidence that can be presented in prosecution of any fraud/crime. Accuracy of Fingerprinting in an individual's identity cannot be disputed.

Square Advisors has range of fingerprint services both for legal and non-legal purposes..more


Digital (Computer & Mobile Forensic) @ Square

In litigation, HR, or personal situations, the preservation of electronic data can be one of the greatest challenges. Electronic devices that contain a history of information should be protected and preserved, the data they hold could be centric to winning a case. Digital Forensic focuses on developing evidence pertaining to digital files for use in court proceedings...more


Audio/Video Forensic @ Square

Unlike other forms of forensic evidences audio and video recordings can provide real time eyewitness account of a crime so that investigators can watch or hear what is transpired...more



Forensic Speaker (Voice) Identification @ Square

Expert Opinion is being increasingly sought in the legal process as to whether two or more recordings of speech are from the same speaker. This is usually termed forensic speaker identification or forensic speaker recognition. Forensic Speaker identification can be very effective, contributing to both conviction and elimination of suspects on the basis of their voice...more


Business Forensic @ Square

Square Advisors team provide seasoned and customised solution for Corporate Houses, Banking and Insurance Sector for Fraud prevention and detection

We have till date assisted various Banks, Insurance Companies, Corporate Houses and individuals in various non-legal and legal forensic cases, which were highly appreciated and acknowledged...more

Innovative Forensic @ Square

Most common business use basic details of an individual (demographics like Name, age, sex, photograph, place etc.) with the Biometric Identity (Fingerprint) to facilitate convenience avoid duplication and offer security....more

Square Individual Personality Assessment (IPA) Tool@ Square

Square IPA Tool is a technique designed to assess a respondent's personality through Handwriting, the same may either be combined with standard psychometric tests or validated against the respondent's result of psychometric tests. ..more