An expert can make or break your case

Anyone can claim to be a forensic expert because there is no licensing authority. A highly qualified and experienced forensic expert can aid in scientific conclusion of the exhibit in your case.

  1. They must have the education, training, and experience for the foundation of an expert witness in this area.
  2. Then they must have the courtroom experience to know how to stand in a trial.
  3. Then they must have great communication skills in order to persuasively explain the validity of their conclusions.
  4. There are forensic experts who have been directly appointed by various courts to conduct forensic analysis for the court based on their individual forensic qualification and credentials.


Kindly do not restrict yourself to ask for the following from your expert. A genuine expert would substantiate the facts with documentary evidences

  1. Educational Qualification of being a forensic expert

    The education should be in forensic or allied sciences. The expert’s educational qualification should be from accredited university or institute. There are lots of institutes in and around the country and abroad who offer forensic courses online with no practical experiences which cannot be termed as an ideal forensic education.

  2. Practice period and number of cases handled
  3. Hands on experience on latest equipments
  4. No. of cases reported for court purposes
  5. Appointment of the expert from the court to give expert opinion (if any)
  6. No. of depositions in the court of law
  7. No. of published articles (if any)


Whatsoever best and conclusive report is submitted by the forensic expert, thorough subject knowledge and strong deposition during cross examination before the court is one of the strongest attribute of an expert.

It’s the sole responsibility of the forensic expert to give valid and strong evidences for the conclusions drawn in the reported cases (duly signed by the forensic expert).

Reports obtained From Square Advisors P. Ltd. are also accepted by Police for filing FIR and by Courts for filing civil suits for judicial purposes.

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