Social Responsibility at Square

Square Advisors look beyond the basics of forensic application and look forward to unite forensics, law, and social science in meaningful and relevant ways not only by providing services but also imparting knowledge and use of Forensic Science for masses and people related to law and Judiciary System.

Square Advisors has a long term vision of becoming a one-stop resource centre for all your forensic needs and your partner on the path to justice. Square Advisors has open doors to corporate bodies, institutions & individuals who also can have access to forensic services in the private domain.

We at Square Advisors through its forensic scientists and professionals offer forensic driven awareness in areas of training, education and investigative analysis.

As a part of Social Responsibility we offer Training Services in the following segment but not limited to:-

  1. Forensic Training Workshops for Banks. Insurance, various Corporate Houses.
  2. Crime Scene Management Training Workshops
  3. Forensic Training Programs for Lawyers
  4. Forensic Orientation Programs for Judges
Till date we have delivered presentations and orientation programs for law fraternity in Maharashtra, Delhi, M.P, Rajasthan etc.


Delivering orientation for the Hon'ble Sr. Dist. & Session Judges Maharashtra Judicial Academy, Uttan Presentation at the Labour Law Practioner’s Association Presentation of Application of Forensic in Legal matters at M.P High Court Bar Association Presentation at various Bar Council in Mumbai and across Maharashtra